Why is Web Design Important for the Success of Your Business

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As an online business, it is crucial to distinguish your website from the tons of others operating in the same industry as yours. With almost every consumer having internet access at one point or another, your website design in Raleigh should be appealing enough for the user to select your business over the rest. As a Raleigh web design company, we at GainkoDesign can assure you that a good website design can work wonders for your business. Let’s find out how.

Brand Reliability

When operating online, as a business, your reputation is everything. A strong website design not only promotes a good image for your business, it also associates your brand with reliability. When you improve your business website, the colors, text, logo, and layouts that you use, engage your customers into what you are trying to market.

Building Trust

A recent study by Forbes revealed that around 94% consumers blamed their mistrust for a brand on the design of their website. Suffice it to say that your business’ website design plays an important role in building trust between potential customers and the business. If you are unsure of your web design, contact us for free consultation for your project.

Maximizes Impact

Your web content is incomplete without a proper web design that enforces it visually to create an impact on the visitor. Thus, the two go hand in hand; your fantastic web content is of no use, if the design of your website is poorly done. In order for the content to have the desired impact on visitors, you need strong and well-thought out web design.

SEO Improvement

Who would want a website that doesn’t rank well in the SERPs? Proper web design contributes in improving the SEO ranking of a website. With recent updates to Google’s search algorithm, a web page’s mobile friendliness is also taken into account; companies that have their web pages designed for a mobile version are doing considerably well on the SEO index and rankings.

Better Conversion Rates

The better your website looks, the longer a visitor tends to stay on it. It’s not just the looks though; this includes the layout, the colors, the content, and even the fonts. The longer the visitors stay and explore your website, the higher the chance of them making a purchase.

Businesses that do not pay much heed to their website design end up losing potential customers, regardless of how well their product or service is. We do not want you doing the same, and we’d like to help any way we can – you know where to find us.


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