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The point of launching a website is to target an audience. No matter what the content is, it has to abide by certain prerequisites. People must be able to find it first and then they must be able to receive the information they want quickly and proceed to any calls to action easily and without having to spend too much time and thought over what they are supposed to do. Furthermore, they need to use it from any device with internet access. Even more so, if it is a business site intended to provide income to its owner.


These are the principles upon which the web designers of GainkoDesign make sure that our customers’ sites will not only be found upon the relevant searches, but they will also have the necessary logical structure that will provide any information required readily and immediately, along with a navigation concept that will allow all kinds of users to browse through easily.


The first part is accomplished with the appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques like selecting the appropriate niche and the appropriate keywords and key phrases, based on the objectives and goals of our customers and the audiences they wish to target. We can also formulate Pay Per Click campaigns, suitably configured and tweaked for faster revenues and results.

There are plenty of issues involved in this venture. Competition is fierce and they all want the same thing as our clients. Therefore, it is to our best interest to make it so that our clients get the results they need as it is what has built a good and strong brand name for us. A brand name that we wish to maintain. And it is to our clients’ best interests to take advantage of what we have to offer. Knowledge, expertise and extensive experience.

The second part is achieved by the implementation of tracking and measurement tools which will allow us to target, reach and personalize the clientele our customers want time and again. It is also achieved by creating a clear architecture that will not only provide the information, but will also be engaging and pleasing to the eyes.

GainkoDesign will also optimize our customers’ sites to be used by smartphone users which has become a clear necessity nowadays as the vast majority of people need to have access to what they need from anywhere they are and not just their personal computers, tablets or laptops. Even at home, the smartphone is a much preferable means of accessing the internet for ordering pizza in, than turning on a computer or a laptop.

This last example is the perfect one to show why it is necessary to use the services that GainkoDesign offers. The ability for a pizza parlor to bake a pizza and send it to the address of a customer that found it over the internet without ever having been served before, found it easy to browse through and add the ingredients needed and complete the order quickly and easily.


Ted is the founder of Gainko. He started his first P2P hyper-local Mobile Internet product in middle 2012, and first social commerce marketplace in 2014, working with a group of incredibly talent software developers.

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