Tips To Build Your Brand With Web Design

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You have worked really hard to build your business, and the image you have worked so hard to maintain is called your brand. All a brand really is, is a symbolic representation of your business idea that you want your clients to see.

You should also know that every aspect of your business evokes some kind of emotional triggers in your customers. You can draw out the feelings that come to mind when someone thinks about your business by controlling the phrases, imagery and sounds that you use throughout your marketing campaigns.

One of the easiest ways to build a brand is through a website. It is just another piece of marketing collateral, which is indeed powerful. However, when you do build a website you don’t want to go off track- you should be looking forward to maintain the feel and look of the other marketing collaterals on your website.

At GainkoDesign, as one of the leading Charlotte web design companies, we have helped a large number of companies establish their brands using web elements. Here are a few tips you can also use to help your brand stand out using web design:

Use Visual Content to Personify Your Website

Graphics, logos, and any other visual content that you choose will add a personality to your website. Take Twitter as an example. The little blue bird logo has entirely a character of its own. While it can be edited to show different emotions, it still remains distinctively identifiable.

Keep in mind the nature of your business and the personality you want to incorporate. Whether it is a fun side, serious executive side, informational or humorous-exemplify your business personality by making it obvious using images and other visual content on your website.

Use Colors the Right Way

There is a simple reason why most restaurants use orange and red colors in their marketing content. These colors trigger hunger and symbolize food. Similarly, you can use colors on your website to symbolize other aspects of your brand. For example, if your company offers financial advice, use the color green around your website to emphasize the importance of money. If your website specializes in LED lights, make sure the website glows all around.

Using Aesthetics to Trigger Emotions

What do you want your customers to feel when they visit your website? Although many Charlotte web design companies argue that it depends on your business, you can still combine colors to make customers feel what you want. For example, you can use calming imagery; create an uncluttered website and use light blue with a lot of white space around to make your visitors feel at ease. Similarly, you can add more graphics to make the website seem busy and trigger your visitors to feel hurried when looking around.

It is important to combine all these elements to come up with a website that does justice to your business’s outlook. Whether you are marketing online or through your website, maintain consistency across the board for the best results. For the best web design Raleigh, feel free to contact us at GainkoDesign.

Ted is the founder of Gainko. He started his first P2P hyper-local Mobile Internet product in middle 2012, and first social commerce marketplace in 2014, working with a group of incredibly talent software developers.

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