The Benefits of Going Mobile With Your Business

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In the past few years, technology has drastically changed the way business is conducted. Not only has the integration of internet given more power to consumers but it has also given a set of whole new tools to businesses.

As one of the best Raleigh mobile app company, at Gainko Design, we keep our clients updated with how they can use the latest technologies to benefit their business. Over the past few years, we have helped a number of companies with mobile integration in Raleigh and we are glad that the companies witnessed instant growth and success.

According to a research study conducted by AT&T last year, it was concluded that over 98% of small to medium businesses are now using mobile technology and over 66% of them cannot survive without it. Why has it become so important? More importantly, how can a business benefit from mobile integration?

Mostly, It’s about Access


The primary benefit of mobile technology is access. What is even better is that with the various advancements in this aspect, you can choose from thousands of mobile applications and tools to stay informed about how customers interact with your brand. For example, CRM coupled with marketing automation along with mobile technology can tell you every detail regarding your leads anytime.

As soon as your prospects are ready to take an action, whether it is at home, or at work, they can use mobile technology to instantly access your offerings and close a deal. In simpler words, mobile integration, along with online tools, helps you strike the iron when it is hot eventually translating into better accessibility for customers and more conversions for you!


Low Cost of Operations


At a glance, it might seem that the cost of expanding your business may lead to a deficit in your organizational expenses. However, in the long run the increased productivity outweighs the cost and effort it takes to implement the new technology.

For example, if your organization has 20 employees and after mobile integration they now save 1 hour per day, you just lowered your monthly staff cost by almost 500 hours. With a company like Gainko Design, that has one of the best records for helping companies with mobile integration in Raleigh; your potential savings can be amazing.

Improved Connectivity


Mobile integration also has a significant impact on how you handle business communications. With the right tools you can streamline management of every faucet of your business while you are constantly on the move. You could be at the beach sending faxes, or you could be creating invoices for local clients across borders. The possibilities are really endless.

The most critical benefit of mobile integration in businesses still remains to be the ease of accessibility for customers. With most businesses now going mobile to leverage market share and stay competitive, you cannot risk being left out of the race by sticking to traditional approaches.

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Ted is the founder of Gainko. He started his first P2P hyper-local Mobile Internet product in middle 2012, and first social commerce marketplace in 2014, working with a group of incredibly talent software developers.

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