Seven Useful Tips From Experts In Mobile App Development

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So you are developing a mobile app for your client or your employer. Here are the seven best tips for developers who are up to this task.

1. Try to understand the requirements and the motivations of the clients or users. You must get to know the motivations of the users deeply, so that you can develop just the app that satisfies them.

2. The best apps are that function even when the user is offline. Apps like WorkFlowy and Evernote are such good examples of this. So you must think of this aspect in the app development.

3. You cannot discount the fact that even though the mobile users are billions in number, most of them still have difficulty using their mobiles. So you need to make the app super easy to use and navigate through.

4. Then you need to also test the developed app. You can ask your friends or relatives to test it for you on their mobiles. You test a number of things like, are the buttons working properly, is everything easily navigable, etc.

5. Your design should work well on all phones properly. Some users use Android phones, some iPhones, so just see how you can make sure that your developed app works on all phone types.

6. Also, it is super important to cover as many platforms as possible. Every day your app will be accessed through multiple devices like smartphones, web, desktops, tablets, and others. You need to make sure your app is available and works well throughout the whole spectrum of devices and platforms.

7. One more thing you can never overlook is that your app should make the lives of the users very convenient. is your app achieving that? So you will do well to keep it in mind all the time while developing the app. To make your users’ lives convenient through the app.

Ted is the founder of Gainko. He started his first P2P hyper-local Mobile Internet product in middle 2012, and first social commerce marketplace in 2014, working with a group of incredibly talent software developers.

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