Real Estate Mobile Apps and Website

Smallisto Real Estate Mobile App

Business Requirements:

Smallisto is a newly acquired brand of CADEO Economics. The principle offering of Smallisto is a platform where individuals and companies can browse and learn the minimalistic living. The platform, a website and an app, offer the intimate customer touch points for users so that they may access the newest information to suit their needs. Smallisto wishes to have a website and a mobile app built in the minimum time required while adhere to the highest standards in development architecture to ensure future scalability. Given the exciting, albeit challenging, environment in which we operate, “traditional” development methods might not be enough for Smallisto’s standards. Gainko offers state-of-the-art design expertise, sound solution architecture as well as top quality development talent to meet our clients’ demanding needs.

Key App Features:

•Property listing

•Property search with complicated filters

•Instant messaging for chats

Project Technical Summary:

•Native IOS and Android SDK development

•Fully custom CRM backend programmed using PHP, JAVA, MySQL

•Custom instant messaging

•Social media integration



Real estate buyers today spend a lot of time doing online research before venturing out to purchase a home or a property. This is why we always say that a powerful and attractive website design is the first step in making a home sale. GainkoDesign is always making new real estate website designs with the features our clients are looking for. All our designs can be customized to your needs. This means we incorporate your logo, photos, etc, we also tie it into an IDX search that your clients will love! With our control panel you can edit and create as many pages as you like.