Hyper-Local Marketplace App (iOS & Android)

Localhang Hyper-Local Marketplace App

Business Requirements:

  • Localhang is a tech startup who bridges up the local services and their guests in general. Localhang has already completed its web product and is working on the mobile platform to deliver the core features through the dedicated mobile app.


Key App Features:

  • Capable for stronger geolocation services to identify Locals in an area
  • The app makes that more precise and fluid for identifying where Locals are in relation to the Guest
  • The app will communicate with the backend system through APIs.
  • Gig profiles and posting
  • Highly interactive sessions


Project Technical Summary:

  • Native IOS development (for the current project phase I)
  • API integration with client’s CRM backend
  • Stripe Connect payment solution
  • Custom instant messaging
  • Social login and integration