The Modern Rules Of Web Designing

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Designing a website not only involves mixing the various components like texts, images, videos, etc., and create a visually appealing and user-friendly web space. It cuts deeper than that. A designer needs to think well and make a strategy for building the site as per the client requirements before beginning on the design. The following are the modern rules of designing a website.


First of all a modern web designer needs to understand what is the purpose of the website, for which the client wants his website built. Is it to display his goods and products or is it to sell through his website and accept money through website. Or it could be just to entertain or inform the readers. Now that you have a basic understanding of what the website’s purpose is, you can move ahead.

Keep the brand image of the business always in mind while designing the website. The looks, layout, colors and the overall impression the website creates should go well with the brand image of the business. Do not go along with the current trends and color combinations currently in fashion in web designing field just for the sake of it. The website should reflect the character and the image of the business or the company whose website you are building.

Then, you need to thoroughly study the target audiences of the website. See if the company whose website you are building targets women or teenagers or middle aged people or old people or which type of people. Then on the basis of this understanding, determine the color scheme, layout, text size and type, overall impression.

It is also vital to study the competitors of the company. Just try to understand if a competitor website is good, then what makes it good. Or if it is bad, then what makes it bad. See what works or does not work in a particular industry’s website designing.

Then also, it is also extremely important to keep in mind the navigability of the website. The readers/visitors to the website should be able to find quickly and easily the information they come to your website for.

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