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Mobile & Web Integration

Gainko’s mobile integration solutions let you deliver a great mobile experience using mobile device capabilities (geo-location, camera, contacts, others) and contextual real-time access to backend information. The combination lets you build apps for improving the productivity of your knowledge workers and the interactions you have with customers.


Make Mobile a Stable Extension of Your Integration Platform

With Gainko’s mobile integration, you can expose relevant services from your systems, allowing them to become the functional building blocks for a variety of mobile applications.


Provide Real-Time Access to Backend Data

Extend the reach of Web applications to include mobile clients that leverage HTML5 and WebSockets to enable scalable, real-time, bidirectional communication that today’s applications and services require.

GainkoDesign offers your target customers a great mobile experience via web and mobile integration solutions. Besides making your mobile presence an extension of your integration platform by making your services more prominent, we also offer real time access to back end data to increase the reach of your web apps.



Convert Your Website to Mobile App

Local storage

Sync content like latest news, images, and videos with mobile app so your users can read offline. Improve your web app performance by pre-loading content to mobile database.

Real-time push notifications

Use push notification to instantly notify your users on new content and excellent offers from your website. Back-end support to group users, store message templates and schedule notifications.

Location-based solutions

Our website to mobile apps solution allows you to show location based deals, content, listings and more. Guide users via maps and GPS. When your web app becomes a mobile app it gets smarter.

Social media interaction

We can integrate an effective social media when we convert website to mobile app to improve online engagement with users. So users can share blogs, eBooks, images and videos on Facebook, Twitter.

Website to a mobile site

Create a responsive design or mobile website for your existing website and automatically show when it is accessed from a mobile devices.

Website to Mobile app

We can make your website to an iPhone and Android apps and publish to App store and Google Play. Mobile features can be fully exploited to support Facetime, iMessage, and Push notifications.