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App Maintenance & Updates

Keep Your Mobile App In Fresh And Elegant Looking

And More Importantly, Keep It Fully Functional


Ongoing app maintenance is a must for the smooth running of any medium to large scale application systems.

We manages five the most important areas of maintaining a mobile app for our clients:

One of the key factors to a fully and well functioning app is regular maintenance. GainkoDesign knows that better than anyone else and make use of five main areas of maintaining our clientele’s developed apps namely Server Management, Performance Optimization, Infrastructure and Scalability, technology integration and yes, even marketing performance.

Server Management

We manage a reoccurring bi-weekly server backup to protect your important Intellectual Property (IP) assets, including database, source codes, server configurations and etc.. We also run an analysis on the server load daily to make sure you are not pushing your server limits. If the server reaches its usage capacity it could crash the online platform altogether. Typically we monitor Spikes and Troths in usage, as well as growth in usage to proactively plan the server capacity.

Infrastructure & Scalability

When you first build your system you will hopefully have built it on a framework that can be scaled with ease and matched with other frameworks. These should also be easily scalable. We will help you to gain a thorough understanding of what technologies make up your system, and assist in researching into technologies that will both support the functions you are trying to create and is compatible with your current technologies.

Performance Optimization

There are both major and minor changes that you can make to your server-side system and front end integration (front-end is typically the visible application, also referred to as User Interface) that will speed it up. Without changing the infrastructure of your server-side system you can integrate technologies, e.g. caching, file compression, and localization, into the processes to speed it up.

Technology Integration Management

Many of third-party’s (such as Facebook, Google, Apple) Application Programming Interfaces (API) are updated from time to time to ensure their compatibility with new technologies and taking advantage of new ideas, however will cause malfunction of your App if no action was taken. We research the affect of the update on your system, and implement updates of API into your system if necessary, in which way we keep your app stay in function.

Marketing performance

Just like you can optimize a website through A/B split testing to increase click-through rates on buttons or other elements, you can now do the same with your app. We identify certain elements within your app that if changed or tweaked slightly will increase the users’ engagement, e.g. registering account, or share to Facebook, etc.

With the rise in the number of mobile apps and the corresponding escalation in the number of bugs and technology updates, mobile application maintenance becomes indispensable. Ours is a competent team which effectively makes use of our superior infrastructure to provide top notch mobile app maintenance service. Contact us to know more. We have, in the past, associated with various clients, and helped them all in efficiently maintaining their apps. Our experts are acquainted with various technologies. In other words, be it iPhone application maintenance or Android application maintenance; we can efficiently perform the job.

Following are some of the roles that we take up under the banner of Mobile Apps Maintenance.

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Operational Level Support
  • Bug Fixing
  • Feature Extension