Does Mobile Integration Help Attract More Customers?

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While the integration of internet has made obvious changes to the ways businesses are run, mobile technology has opened doors to a whole new set of opportunities. As one of the best companies for mobile development in Charlotte, at GainkoDesign we have helped a large number of organizations integrate mobile technology into their operations. The number of small to medium businesses using mobile technology is constantly on the rise. However, there are still some business owners wondering how it can help attract more customers.

Availability and Access

Mobile integration has opened new doors to availability and access for customers. With the rising trends in online shopping, almost every potential customer would now look up your company on their phones to shop online before they actually visit your store. The rising trends in online shopping have sparked a whole new e-commerce industry and mobile integration has to do with more than half of it.

People are now constantly using their tabs, laptops and phones to look around for shopping opportunities, whether at work, college or at home, simply for their convenience. To make the most of these changing trends, businesses need to choose the best services for mobile development in Charlotte at GainkoDesign; click here to get in touch!

New Marketing Opportunities

Mobile tools like geo-location and the ability to get in touch with each customer individually, has given birth to new opportunities to market and keep the customer connection alive. Once you have successfully integrated mobile technology into your offerings, you can target each client based on their location, alter your marketing message accordingly and get going. Almost 98% SMEs are using mobile technology (AT&T report) and it is obvious why. They are making new customers by using unique marketing tactics and succeeding at them.


Stay Connected At All Times

Another way mobile integration helps attract more customers is by allowing businesses to stay connected with them at all times. Companies are rapidly taking up options like mobile app development in Raleigh to establish a constant connection with customers. Once these applications are installed, they can be used to send clients updates about the latest offerings, special deals and discounts and that too at the customer’s will.

Mobile integration has laid the foundations for an entirely new approach to marketing and advertising to ultimately expand the customer base. Feel free to contact us for mobile app development in Raleigh today!

Ted is the founder of Gainko. He started his first P2P hyper-local Mobile Internet product in middle 2012, and first social commerce marketplace in 2014, working with a group of incredibly talent software developers.

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